Removing Car Windows Tint

Removing the window tint from your car windows may sound pretty straightforward and for the most part, it is. However, it can often be more time consuming than putting the tint on in the first place.

If you are interested in going with the do it yourself option for removing your car window tint, you should allow yourself plenty of time to get the job done. If the tint was properly applied, it is not going to come off that quickly. Be sure that you have everything you need at hand so that you can do the job all at once.

This job is best done on a sunny day because heat is necessary. It could take a long time if the tint is really stuck on and you will end up suffering if it is incredibly hot out.

There are usually two layers to window tint. The first layer is easy to get off, but the second is a lot harder to remove. What you want to do is to pull off both layers at the same time. If you do not get both layers to come off at once, you will have to pick away piece by piece at the bottom layer " which can take a long time. Remember to be extremely careful when removing the tint from the back window, since the tint will likely be stuck to the defrost lines. You can damage the defrost lines if you are not careful, so proceed with caution here.

Move anything which is making it difficult to work around your windows (such as speakers). The more things in your way, the more difficult it will be to remove your window tint. Next, you will want to get a garbage bag and cut it so that you can cover the entire window with it after spraying the exterior side of the window with water.

Spray the outside of your windows with water and then cover them with the bags. You will need to open the doors for the next step. Take a spray bottle filled with ammonia and spray the insides of your windows with ammonia then cover them with the cut trash bags to keep the ammonia on the windows and prevent evaporation. Be very careful when doing this; ammonia is very toxic, so do not breathe it in as you work.

The point of doing this is to get the glue on the window tint to loosen so that it can be easily peeled. Let the window sit facing the sun for an hour or so. After that you should be able to peel back the tint. Leave the bag on the window and use a razor blade to peel off the tint slowly, starting at the edge.

Once you have peeled off the tint, clean the windows off with very fine steel wool (coarse steel wool can scratch your windows) and ammonia to remove any remaining glue. You may need to use ammonia only for the back windows.

Give the entire window a good wash to remove the ammonia. Then go over it with some good window cleaner such as Windex.

Remember, this is not generally a fast process. Be patient and take your time so that it comes off the first time you try it.


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